"Homs, the city famous of being “The mother of black stones”, has as well enriched the Syrian and Arabic Plastic Art with a flow of colors,which has madeit also “The mother of rainbows”. Many artists from different artistic schools and visions, had their eyes at this city and their imagination traveling the world, and by that they have been able to produce Plastic paintings that interacts with their viewers wherever they are. Homs hopes that her artists come back and architect its destroyed walls with their colors."

Mohamad Alaa Edin Abdul Moula

Kalimat Gallery - İstanbul

in cooperation with Anadolu Kültür

Colors from Homs

Homs artists exhibition: Abdulkader Azzouz, Abdalla Mourad, Mahmoud Sheikhani, Abdul Razzak Shaballot, Abdulla Obeid, Ghassan Al - Nana, Edward Shahda, Karam Maatouk, Aoun Droubi, Malaz Daghistani, Samer Huwaijah, Rabi Akhras, Afaf Kharma, Kholoud Sibai, Boushra Moustafa.  

Thanks: Ahmad Al-dulli