Cheese Sweet (Halawat al-Jebin)

Whenever somebody is traveling across Syria on a business trip or on a vacation, most probably he/she will pass by Homs in mid-way, and stop by to eat Halawat al-Jebinand bring some for family and friends. Halawat al-Jebinis considered one of the most delicious traditional sweets in Syria.

It is made by mixing water, sugar and semolina, then bring the mixture to boil. After that, it is put away to rest for five minutes, then home-made Halloumi cheese is added with continues stirring until the cheese is totally mixed with the semolina dough. The final mix is left to rest for five minutes, then it is spread in a convex tray to the start the process of forming thin layers of the dough. The edges of the spread dough should be covering all the sides of the tray, at this point the dough looks like a piece of white cloth covering the round tray. The product is then moved to a special table to be cut into big piece and prepared to either be served or packaged. At this stage, it is called the plain Halawat al-Jebin. There is also the other kind which is more expensive and it is called the stuffed Halawat al-Jebin, where the thin layer of dough are carefully stuffed with either a premade mix of semolina and milk cream or with a fresh whipped cream made of the lamb milk. After the dough is stuffed, it is made into rolls which are finally cut into pieces, each piece is about 5 cm. to be served with treacle, which is also served with the plain Halawat al-Jebin.

Annatour, Abullaban and Assawasshops are considered the oldest and the most popular producers of Homsi and Arabic sweets in general, and Halawat al-Jebin in particular.