Stuffed carrots

Normally, this dish is made once a year in the winter as a traditional meal where the whole family gathers around the table. The main ingredient here is the big yellow carrots that are planted exclusively in the countryside of the city. That is one of the reasons why this dish is mainly related to the city of Homs.

The carrots are peeled, hollowed out and then soaked in warm water, salt, garlic and mint to get the right flavour. After that, they are stuffed with a mix of rice, minced meat (average fat) and spices, and then cooked with tomato sauce, tahini and lime juice. Orange juice is preferred though with a bit of Pomegranate molasses.

A side dish is normally served with the cooked stuffed carrots and it is called Stuffed Carrot Fattah, which is the normal Fattah mix (toasted bread, yogurt, tahini and garlic) with the sauce of the cooked carrots. The Fattah is poured over the horizontally-cut stuffed carrots and Arabic ghee is spread over the dish, then with some nuts on the top.